Scientific program

Keynote Speakers

AMÉLIA BRANDÃO, University of Porto, Portugal

Amélia Brandão is Director of Services Management Master at School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto and Director of Postgraduate studies at Porto Business School. She is Deputy Board member of Center for Economics and Finance at U.Porto (Cef.up). She is also a member of the Scientific Committee for the International Journal of Marketing, Communication and New Media. Her research interests are Branding, Communication and Marketing and she is author of many articles and books, and chapters in that fields.

FRANZ ESTEBAN RODRIGUEZ FRANKY, Fundación Universitaria de Compensar, Colombia

Frank Esteban Rodriguez Franky is a Professor Specialist in Administration and Quality Management System from Universidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá, Colombia. He is principal investigator in the Research Project “Propuesta de una herramienta tecnológica como valor empresarial para los Negocios Verdes de Bogotá-Región”, a project that aims to relate business improvement actions with the green sustainability model, but also to create a space of collective participation “Business-University”, where research results can be transferred. He has participated in several international congresses and is the author of the book “NEGOCIOS VERDES una oportunidad de desarrollo sostenible para las empresas del futuro: Una mirada desde la investigación”. His main research areas are corporate sustainability, green business, bioeconomy and circular economy.