1. Presentation Format

All rooms will be properly equipped with a computer and projector;

Authors should have their presentations in MS PowerPoint (Template) or PDF (following the same template).

It is advisable to have the various files stored on different devices (email, pen drive, cloud).

Speakers should upload their presentations at least 30 minutes before the session starts.

Alternatively, the files may be sent to, requesting the Organization to upload the presentation to the room.

At each session, a duly identified member of the Organizing Committee will be present, available to support the lecturers as needed.

2. Time available for presentation

The maximum time available for the presentations will be 10 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for discussion at the end of each presentation.

3. Virtual presentation

ICABM2022 will feature, as in the previous editions, the option for virtual participation. The goal of this method of participation is to allow authors and researchers from all over the world, who cannot be present in Porto due to schedule restrictions, visa issues or budget constraints, to engage in the scientific debate of ICABM2022.

The virtual participation modality includes virtual presentation through the ISAG-elearning platform. All instructions are sent via email.

The submission rules, dates and instructions are the same as regular participations. Authors who wish to engage in the virtual participation method, should contact the Organizing Committee (

Virtual participants receive official certificate of presentation (if articles are presented), and certificate of participation. Additionally, the Book of Proceedings of ICABM2022 will also be sent to those who engage in the virtual participation method. Invoices and receipts for registration payments are also sent, via e-mail.